Every event management company knows that lighting is a key element in the success of an event, whatever that event may be. Whether it’s a buffet, a product presentation or a VIP area.

EZEVENT has designed a range of products to help solve these problems.

Let's work together to change event lighting by making it modern, stylish, intuitive and appropriate to your needs.

We are Ezevent

Founded in 2018 in Hong Kong by three French entrepreneurs (two residents in Hong Kong and one in Paris), EZEVENT has developed a complete range of products dedicated to the world of events.
After an in-depth analysis of the event lighting market, we identified an acute lack of quality, ingenuity and adaptability to the constraints encountered on a daily basis by event service providers.
We therefore decided to create a range of products designed to meet the demands and requirements for them. EZEVENT offers products with a refined design, while maintaining a common look and style for the entire brand.
All our products are developed in Paris and Hong Kong and are manufactured in a specialized lighting factory located in Guangzhou, China, less than two hours from our Hong Kong offices.
Are you interested in our products? Contact us using the form in the contact section.


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